This is a question I am often asked by readers. But, before answering the question, it’s important to understand the basics of how these two systems work.

Generally speaking, lawnmowers have a rear-wheel-drive system. The rear wheel drives the mower and goes around with a sprocket, which turns a long belt that is attached to several spindles. The front wheels are tightly secured in a box called a differential and also have their own driveshaft that connects them to one final drive shaft that goes through the engine and engages with the transmission.

Front-Wheel-Drive: Good or Bad?


Front-wheel drives are often used in commercial trucks, but they are also typically used in lawnmowers. Since the front wheel is attached to the frame of a lawnmower, it can provide more stability. It makes it easier for the engine to drive the mower at higher speeds since there are fewer chances of having an uneven gear shift or a machine that pulls too hard on one side. Since the front wheel is much broader than the rear one, it has better traction. The mower can quickly move into hard-to-reach areas without getting stuck. Since the mower’s weight is distributed evenly across both wheels, it can be more stable than a rear-wheel drive.


The main disadvantage of having front-wheel drive is that any additional weight will pull down on the front wheel, causing it to sink into softer surfaces like mud or sand. It may make it challenging to maneuver over smooth patches of ground and could increase wear and tear on other parts by causing them to scrape along the bottom even if they are not supposed to. Front-wheel drives may not be able to move quickly or turn very sharply. Pulling or pushing on the mower while moving may be difficult because the front wheel will react to the force.
Any unnecessary weight placed in the front of a lawnmower could create problems. If you are mowing large amounts of leaves, this could cause the mower to sink into soft ground or get stuck. Moving rocks, debris, or other large-weight objects may cause the lawnmower to tip over because it cannot hold all of its weight in addition to these items.

Rear-Wheel Drive: A Good Option or Not?

Positive Facets

The main disadvantage of having rear-wheel drive is that it takes more power to turn the wheels. In some situations, this may cause the engine to pull too hard on one side, causing wear and tear on other parts in addition to the gearbox. Rear-wheel drives are also more likely to get stuck when pulling large objects because there is not enough traction from both wheels pushing against them at once. The mower can also get pulled into soft ground or get stuck in the mud, and the mower’s weight will push down on one side of the lawnmower, causing it to sink into soft ground.

Negative Facets

Rear-wheel drives typically have fewer issues with tipping over when carrying a heavy load because the weight is distributed more evenly. Rear-wheel drives also make it easier to move across uneven terrain and can be more maneuverable in hard-to-reach areas since the engine is already in the back of the lawnmower. The weight is also close to the back wheels, which helps provide better traction when moving too large objects for a front-wheel-drive mower.  Rear-wheel drives typically offer better off-road capabilities and can be as much as 50% longer than a front-wheel-drive mower. Since front-wheel drive mowers are smaller, they generally are lighter by about 30% of the weight. Due to this, there is less stress on the engine and the front-wheel-drive mower.

Top Brands of Front-Wheel Drive

Honda is a leading manufacturer of commercial lawnmowers with a wide range of products for residential and light commercial use. This brand of mower has been in production since 1946 and has been targeting consumers since the 1960s. Honda has a reputation for making reliable, durable machines that are also very affordable.

Yard Machines have been around since 1975 and have specialized in producing gas-powered machines for over 30 years. The company has emphasized providing quality mowers at affordable prices over the years and offers reliable, well-made equipment that also features low maintenance costs.

John Deere

John Deere manufactures all of the power equipment used throughout their customer’s entire growing process. The company also has one of the largest product lines in North America. This brand is renowned for producing well-designed, durable equipment at affordable prices.

Toro is a brand that makes quality products at affordable prices. The company has been manufacturing lawnmowers since 1947 and has recently launched an extensive line of trash compactors so you can clean up your yard after your mowing is done! Many people think of this brand as one of the best gas mowers because they are compact and easy to maneuver, but it also offers other types of products if you prefer electric. 

Husqvarna is a well-known brand for its quality commercial products. The company is well known for making durable, low-maintenance machines that are also very affordable. Built-in 1885, Husqvarna has been in the mower business for over 100 years and has made many improvements to its product line over the years. 

John Deere has been around since 1920 and makes all of their power equipment used in the customer’s entire growing process. It includes everything from the mower blades to the soil treatment system that goes along with your crop after you have picked it all! 

Top  brands of rear-wheel drive:

This brand has been in production since 1945 and has been selling its products since 1906. It is a well-known brand that is built to last. Simplicity mowers are so popular because they are effortless to use, and the company offers a wide range of products for all types of customers. These mowers are affordable, reliable, durable, fun for kids, easy to use, and have low maintenance costs.

Lawn Ranger was founded in 1983 and produced quality lawnmower equipment that is cheap to run on gas or electricity. The company also offers ground covers that can be used on any terrain, including hardwood, grass, rocks, or even concrete! 

Ariens has been around since 1876 and has made several improvements to its mower line over the years. This company offers a wide range of products for all types of customers and is known for producing sturdy machines that are also affordable. 

Briggs & Stratton started making lawnmowers back in 1897 and brings their high-quality products to customers fairly often through their dealer network throughout North America.

Craftsman is a well-known brand and is dedicated to its customers. They have a great warranty on their equipment and offer a wide range of well-made products at affordable prices throughout their dealer network, spread across North America. 

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This article has given you an overview of the two types of drive systems used for a lawnmower today and the advantages and disadvantages of each one. Now that you understand these different types, you can make a more informed decision when buying your next mower!