The Ten Best Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers For Your Garden.

Looking for a perfect lawn mower to level the grass in your garden? or have you already made up your mind to swap your push mower with a self-propelled one? Look no further because you have landed at the right place. We have selected the ten best lawn mowers for you to review and compare. Let’s start off with the assessment and analysis.



The first self-propelled lawn mower to review is WORX WG779. This machine comes with a battery power of 40V. It has a decent design and comes in black color.

Looking at its features, the mower has six deck height adjustments which allows the users to cut the grass to their liking. A single lever is responsible for controlling the cutting heights efficiently. Furthermore, the intellicut characteristic allows the user to increase the torque of a mower to tackle extreme conditions.

The most promising attribute is the mulching feature of the machine. However, it comes with a separate bag to collect the grass and can be detached if the machine is required to mulch. Moreover, the grass bag has an indicator that provides information about emptying the bag. This feature is vital as it reduces time wastage, and improves efficiency.

The lawn mower has dual-port charging for refilling both batteries in quick time. The unit, however, works on two 20V batteries. Moreover, the self-propelled mower has a battery indicator in front of it, that informs about the charging status.

Apart from the two batteries, it comes with a charger, a mulch bag and a mulch plug. This portable mower can be parked in the garage with less space consumption.

The accurate weight is 35.27 pounds, due to the plastic-oriented construction it entails while the dimensions of the machine are 52.99 x 14.5 x 39 inches. Majority of the customers have provided positive feedbacks and support this easy-to-start mower as a good investment.

On the other hand, some have complained about the battery’s size and power. This unit comes with a three-year limited warranty and it can considered as one of the finest self-propelled mowers with several benefits and a variety of features.



Now we have the gas-operated self-propelled lawn mower Husqvarna LC221Rh. It is a 21-inch lawn mower which offers extensive cutting and durability, even in uneven terrain lands. In addition, this unit gives a professional and attractive look to the lawn.

Husqvarna Lawn Mower has a 160CC engine size made by Honda motors. This gas lawn mower is considered a heavy-duty machine. It comes with a dual trigger drive activation safety feature which allows a user to manage the speeds to its own choice with a single hand.

Furthermore, Husqvarna is a walk mower and it has 11-inches high ball bearing rear wheels which help in working on hills or terrains where mowing is a challenge. The mower has a folding more handle that makes it portable and easy to store. It has a rear-wheel-drive system with a convincing build quality.

The main problem lies with the gas filling that the machine requires periodically. When everything is being shifted to energy-saving upgrades like cars and electric appliances, the gas-oriented mowers won’t be in demand. However, it has the extraordinary power to cut grass under challenging conditions with less effort and comes with a speed control option.

The Husqvarna weighs around 80 pounds and has a 21-inch cutting blade. The dimensions are 39 x 24 x 20.25 inches. Husqvarna has managed to achieve praises from most experts. Just one customer reported that the engine is leaking oil and took a warranty claim thereafter.



The snapper NINJA falls in the same category as Husqvarna. It is a gas-operated mower and has more power than the Husqvarna. It has a 190CC displacement which is enough for a mower to perform under any given condition. This unit also possesses a 21-inch steel deck that ensures wide-ground coverage.

Moreover, Briggs & Stratton 850 professional Series engine has been used in this piece of equipment. This engine is free from issues like choking and priming. Like the Husqvarna, the Ninja also has a rear-wheel-drive transmission which helps it in making smooth turns without damaging the grass.

The blade has six robust cutting surfaces to produce a fine-sized mulch. The cutting deck design sends it back to the grass. The company claims this product to have the ability to last longer than other gas models. However, only user feedback can tell about the product’s actual strength and verstaility.

The machine also renders a height control feature. There are seven height adjustments from 1.25inch to 4inch, so you can position it accordingly. It has a variable speed setting for different cutting mechanisms. The weight is 82.5 pounds, preferable due to the Stratton engine that carries high power and efficiency.

The debris will not create any sort of hassle for this engine and it can easily perform on the steep slope without trouble. In addition, this participant has the capability to work in different environments that are required.

The dimensions are 38 x 23 x 19 inches. The feed from the customers have been positive and they were impressed by the functionality of the machine. The steel-made front axle and the stamped steel mower deck were the prominent features discussed and appreciated by them.



The fourth pick is Honda 662300 which is another type of gas engine mower. This piece of equipment also entails a 21-inch cutting blade that provides smart and selective cutting options.

It is integrated with a Honda GCV200 engine that is fuel-efficient, powerful and has a quick start system. In addition, the drive control feature aids the user in supervising the speed of the machine. The GCV200 has a displacement capability of 200CC which is one of the highest in the list.

The Versa mow system is a 4 in 1 mechanism that can easily mulch, bag, discharge, and shred leaves. These procedures are automatic and can be used accordingly. Furthermore, it also has a clip detector that controls the direction of the grass clippings. The cutting feature of this unit is effective and keeps the lawn in tip-top shape.

This readystart machine has twin mulching blades. Moreover, the double blades provide precise mulching and bagging and cuts the grass into smaller pieces. The GCV200 will definitely perform in any mowing condition regardless of the hindering factors because of its ergonomic features and design.

Along with other features, Honda Walk-Behind Lawn Mower possesses an auto choke system that keeps away the engine from getting stuck with continuous use.

In conclusion, This gas mower can perform really well against serious obstructions. Given these features, it is one of the best type of yard machines present on the market in the given price.



Next in line is Honda HRX217K4HZA HRX Lawn Mower. It has a gas-operated engine and is constructed from tough materials like neXite and steel. NeXite is preferably used by the manufacturers to prevent the machine from rust and dents.

This lawn mower is a self-starter, electric cutter which comes with a battery included. Moreover, it has a distinctive feature of hydrostatic cruise control, making work easier and comfortable. The cruise control function keeps the mower at constant speed without unnecessary acceleration and deceleration. This feature also improves the fuel-efficiency and performance of the mower.

The roto stop feature is another impressive feature of this machine. It stops the rotation of the blades without turning the engine off. It basically helps in taking short pauses during the entire mowing process. In other words, the machine can function without a complete shut-down process.

Furthermore, this unit also entails a 4 in 1 Versamow technology for high-quality cutting just like the previous model, “Honda 662300”. It has an auto choking system that propels continuous workflow and productivity. This mower engine handles various jobs in an efficient way.

The mowing deck comes with a lifetime warranty. This lawn mower is made up of neXite which resists dents and corrosion. The whole mower comes with a 5-year warranty from head to toe with an impeccable after-sales service.

The homeowners loved this product. Most of them purchase this model due to its electric push button start procedure. Others buy it due to its efficiency and speed. According to the customers, the cutting entails precision and accuracy with a proper working mechanism. Keeping these things in mind this unit is valuable to money and can be worth having investment.



“Honda” brand has been manufacturing genuine and durable products since decades. A sturdy-built and high-efficiency lawn mower also comes in one of their product-line categories. This specific grass cutter, HRNVYA comes with various features and characteristics that provide high productivity and functionality.

Honda HRNVYA has a 21-inch cutting blade and it is a gas-operated mower, just like several others on the list. It has the same features as Honda HRX217K4HZA. One of its features include the Smart Drive Control mechanism that alters the speed of the machine according to the grass being pruned.

It is a 3 in 1 mower engine that can easily mulch, bag, and discharge. HRNVYA Grass Cutter also has a clip detector feature that conveniently allows grass to enter in the bag.

The mulching performance is adequate and effective. Like the Honda HRX217K4HZA, it also comes with the roto-stop feature. As already discussed earlier, this feature helps in restricting the complete shut-down of the machine. It is an old model as compared to the HRX series.

This grass cutter does not come with hydrostatic control and it also does not have the 4 in 1 Versamow system. Thus, HRX217K4HZA is adequately better than this mower. The pair of blades are also missing in this model.



Our seventh-best choice on the list is Lawn-Boy 17734 Grass Cutter. This mower is a one-stop solution and entails different features including gas-operated, tri-cutting technique, self-propelling mechanism and others.

The start-up is easy and straightforward with an electric start technology. It comes with a gas-operated 149CC OHV engine with a unique characteristic that states no requirement for an oil change. You only need to check the oil level before mowing. Thus, this characteristic will cut the expenses of oil changes.

Lawn-boy Grass Cutter provides the users with a rear-wheel drive that has variable pace and reasonable traction control in any grass-cutting condition. It entails a tri-cutting technique with a deck size of 21 inches.

The shank provides magnificent mulching, bagging and side discharge capabilities. The mower also cuts with extreme precision, making it an unbelievable mowing experience regardless of the areas it is used in.

This lawn-mower has a better, considerable bagging potential than others on the market. It measures around two bushel. Therefore, you do not have to empty the bag often. You can also adjust the mower cutting height from one side of it.

This machine can also function at different heights in the same way. Every attribute makes it efficient and maintenance-free. It weighs precisely 72 pounds and its dimensions are 40.5 x 22.3 x 37.7 inches.

The mower is backed with a complete two-year manufacturer warranty and provides a firm assurance if any fault or defect occurs. Furthermore, the manufacturers believe that a maximum of two pulls will start the machine. In case it does not operate, the warranty would come in handy and the problem can be resolved.

Customers have mixed feedbacks over this product. Some believe that it is worth having, while others have complained about the brittleness of the machine. If you have small gardens to be taken care of then you can order this brand product.



Next in the list is Troy-Bilt TB330 Grass Cutter. In comparison, this machine is not much different from the Lawn-Boy Mower in functionalities. Troy-Bilt has been integrated with a gas-operated engine which has a displacement capacity of 163CC made by Briggs & Stratton. This capacity is adequate for the cutter to be added in best performers.

The TB330 is equipped with 21 inched tri action cutting system and has been integrated with premium decks. The 3-in-1 specification is the same as in the previously discussed mower. The tri action consists of bagging, mulching and side discharge options.

A lone control lever is responsible for the height adjustment while the single lever is used to select the speed. There are four-speed settings available for users to work with. The bag storage is fairly adequate with a 1.9-bushel capacity.

This grass cutter also comes with an engine with no oil replacement property, making this machine better than others. An 8×8-inch wheel size is used for peak performance. It also includes an adjustable ergonomic handle for the user’s comfort.

People who used this machine have praised it. Due to its powerful engine, specifications and washable deck, it is hard to find any negative remarks for it.



Our second last pick is GREENWORKS cordless electric mower. This piece of equipment is battery-operated and entails a nineteen-inch cutter, with a difference of two inches than the usual size. The material is solely plastic-made which makes it lightweight and long-lasting.

The GREENWORKS mower has two lithium-ion batteries of 4Ah and 2Ah with a power adapter as well. Furthermore, this environmental-friendly mower is considered effective and fast. Moreover, it exhibits peak performance when it comes to mulching and rear bagging.

The mower is designed to provide seven height adjustment positions which are adequate for different grass cutting processes and only a lever is required for it. This electric mower is no less than any other gas-engine mowers available on the market. It offers a 3in1 versatile feature that can perform mulching, bagging and side discharging with ease.

The front wheels are 7-inches in diameter and the rear wheels are measured at 10-inches which helps in maneuverability and provides effective traction. It has a battery life of 60 minutes which is adequate enough to mow a wide-area lawn. The cutter weighs around 53.1 pounds and its dimensions measure 50 x 19 x 42 inches. The handlebar is comfortable and can be used without gloves.

According to the customers’ comments, the product works well in different conditions. In addition to it, we can say that battery-powered mowers can replace traditional gas mowers.

The electric mowers have the undeniable advantage over gas lawn mowers, because of being environmental-friendly.



The last mower for our review is the PowerSmart Self-Propelling Lawn Mower. It is a heavy-duty gas-operated engine. It is a 21-inch cutter and can effortlessly cut tall grasses too.

PowerSmart is equipped with 170CC OHV Engine, which makes it powerful to cut through stubborn grasses. Moreover, the engine is a 4-stroke, single-cylinder that creates sufficient power and is capable of high loads. To avoid over-heating of the machine, an air cooling system is also installed to keep it safe from any damage.

Due to this air cooling mechanism, the mower can perform for more timespan than usual and maintains the engine temperature. The 21-inch mowing deck covers extensive fields with high precision cuttings. PowerSmart has five height adjustment positions that range between 1.18 to 3.0 inches. It also comes with a 1.4 bushel bag.

The mower possesses a 3-in-1 mechanism which includes mulching, bagging and side discharging. The rear wheel is 8 inches that ensures effective and swift movement, with added traction capability.

The PowerSmart Lawn mower is easy to store and entails an effortless operation. Because of its folding design, it occupies a much lesser place than its actual size. There are no tools required to fold or unfold it making it a less fatigue mower.

PowerSmart Grass Cutter has the tendency to provide high-quality results even on slopes and ensure customer retention. The product weighs around 63 pounds and it comes with a three-year warranty included for each part.


The mowers can be divided into two categories. One is battery-operated and the other is gas-operated. If your preference is a gas-powered, self-propelled mower, then the Honda HRX217K4HZA undoubtedly outclasses its competitors.

It is a top performer in terms of features, built quality and customer feedback. However, if you want to go for electric mowers, then WORX WG779 40V is one of its kind with high-efficiency and efficient workability.

Most people prefer to buy rear-wheel drive mowers. The rear-wheel mower offers more traction and gives more control to the user. Moreover, people can easily control it while turning and changing lanes. However, the front-wheel drive is hard to handle as compared to the rear-wheel drive.

If you have a big yard that you want to take care of, then a self-propelled machine is worth it. You do not have to depend on the gardener to make the yard look beautiful.

However, if you have a small yard, then cordless or electric mowers give better results than the gas- operated ones. Moreover, electric mowers do not require any additional cost of oil changes.

There are three types of lawnmowers. The first type is manual lawn push mowers and it involves the use of a drive lever and a blade. The second type is the reel-type lawn mower and it has cord to reel the blades which are attached to the motor. The third type is electric self-propelled lawn mowers which require batteries to run it on.

For maintaining the lawn, it involves lawn mowing, fertilization and watering. One should first trim the grass with a mower. You can also choose to use a weed eater or trimmer if you want to remove the weeds and twigs from the lawn. After trimming, you can use fertilizer for nourishing the roots of grass, leaving it greener and healthier than before.

The two types of lawn mowers are corded and cordless. Before buying a lawn mower, you should consider the type of electricity your home needs. If you have a small home with only one electrical outlet, then you can go for a corded product as it will save you from any hassles of charging your device. If not, then you can go for a cordless mower to get rid of the electric cords.


Here we sum up our reviews about the best self-propelled lawn mowers. We hope that we were able to guide you to buy a decent and long-lasting mower for your house. So grab your hands on the best cutter from the list. Always make sure to read the reviews and feedback from the customers. Good Day!